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Spacious,stylish in a relaxed atmosphere.An excellent menu which includes fish and seafood dishes created by Chef Victor Gloger .


Ramat Gan

 Sea Food, Seafood, French

Local spices, exciting aromas, and familiar textures converge in the nuance of fine Tel Aviv dining, creating a unique gastronomical journey that is sure to intrigue you


Tel Aviv

 Mediterranean, Moroccan, Israeli

Catit is considered as the leading in virtuous culinary creativity in Tel Aviv and is recognised worlwide.


Tel Aviv


a modern brasserie, located in the heart of the Tel Aviv Museum’s new wing opposite the sculpture garden, and forms a natural urban extension of the Opera and Cameri Thea


Tel Aviv

 Mediterranean, French


The taste, tecnique and texture mixed together in perfect harmony are the magic that turnes each dishinto a culinary creation, which stimulates the senses.


Tel Aviv

 French, International

we lighted the creativity in the culinary arts, the unforgettable tastes, and the hearts of our guests.


Tel Aviv



The menu is composed of dishes that combine the most innovative techniques of cooking, a worldly range of flavors, as well as preserving the traditional ...


Tel Aviv


The bar with the best food or the restaurant with the hottest bar, since Shila was established it became a Gastronomic home for people that like to eat and have fun.


Tel Aviv

 International, Seafood, Sea Food

In a hidden narrow in the old city of Jaffa, not far away from the flea market and the busy clock square, there is a plaza full of surprises, waiting for you




"Yakimono on Rothschild" is situated in the heart of Tel Aviv's City and its central business area. The building housing the restaurant was constructe...


Tel Aviv

 Sushi, Japanese

Butchery de Bariloche

Tel Aviv

 South American, Meat

Manta Ray is a true beachfront restaurant, Located along side the sands of the beach, And just steps away from the clashing waves. Manta Ray's kitchen...

Manta Ray

Tel Aviv

 Sea Food, International, Vegetarian

Raffi Cohen acquired his passion for food in the kitchen of his Grandmother Aziza – his maternal grandmother, and a divine cook. Couscous, stuffed s...


Tel Aviv



Tel Aviv


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