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Hatarnegolim Grill Bar


 Chicken, Hamburgers, Meat

The restaurant that radiates a special atmosphere stands on the western side of Zichron Yaakov,overlooks the sea, fish ponds banana groves and breathtaking beauty.

Casa Barone

Zikhron Ya'akov

 Spanish, Mediterranean


Port Cafe is located in the most beautiful place in Israel - Caesarea Harbor. Its natural and Historic surrounding coupled with an exquisite food, add...

Port Cafe



Pashut Tiv'i

Giv'at Haim Ihud


Burgus Burger Bar

Beit Herut

 Hamburgers, American, Vegetarian

Surrounded by nature, far from the city crowds, in the Carmel hills, in an enchanting atmosphere that results in a unique recreation area, nestles Ker...

Kerem Zeitim

Zikhron Ya'akov




 Israeli, Asian, French

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