6083 Old Market, Nazareth  - 04-6080031

32.70514033 35.29810667

Al Atabeh guesthouse & restaurant was opened in May 2010, and it's located in the old market of Nazareth close to the Basilica. From Al Atabeh you can reach every major destination in Nazareth by walking.
Al Atabeh Guesthouse & restaurant is impressed with Arabic flair. cutomers have the possibility to enjoy the traditional Arabic cuisine as well as small snacks in the restaurant or in the beautiful spacious courtyard. After lunch and dinner the guests have the opportunity to try out the Arab water pipe, especially the dreamy courtyard invites.
In the Bar typical Arab beverages will be served, like Arak (daily Happy Hour from 9:00 pm-11:00 pm).
The place is good for groups and families, With the possibility to organize private parties.
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