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We opened Thai House in the spring of 1996. Back then, few believed the local clientele would enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. But we insisted, believed, and built a restaurant that specializes in Isan (north west Thailand) dishes. Onto them we added Thai classics from the Bangkok region and the southern Islands (curry coconut dishes and classic street stall dishes).
The restaurant is managed by Yariv Malili and his Thai wife Lek Sunan, who comes from a long line of Thai Restaurateurs. Together they serve authentic precise Thai cuisine up to the special Thai vegetables they grow for the restaurants use.
Authenticity is the corner stone of Thai House. Our thai curries are based upon fresh squeezed coconuts, our papaya salad is sliced only upon order from organic green papayas, and our eggplants are from a Thai species called "Makua Prau" we specially grow on our farm.

Were open 7 days a week from 12:00 in the afternoon till 23:00 at night.
We serve business lunches on Sunday through Thursday.
We serve Thai menus for our Thai clientele.
We make special Thai dishes if ordered in advance.
We recommend you make reservations prior to your visit.

Our garden

For a few years, in accordance to our wish to serve the most authentic Thai cuisine in Tel Aviv, we have started to raise special Thai vegetables especially for the restaurant on our farm. All vegetables are seasonal and it's best to enquire if their in stock prior to your visit.
Among the exclusive vegetables we grow for Thai House:
"Makua Praw"- small "plumb eggplant". With a unique texture that is quite different from the European eggplant. We use them in our coconut based green curry and our special Isan style jungle curry.
"Kapau"- a sweet thai basil that no Thai vegtebale garden is complete without. We use it in many dishes, including the Classic "Pad Kapau".
"Pak Bong"- a well known leafy Thai vegetable that grows close to water sources. It's known in English as "Morning Glory". These leafes are usually quickly stir fried in a light soy sauce with crispy pork slices. It is also served in a veggy version and in many of our dishes and soups.
"Pakana"- another leafy classic Thai vegetable also known in English as "Chinese Broccoli". We use it as an ingredient for many of our dishes and also as a veggie dish to accompany meals.
In addition we grow Thai green beans, Thai pumpkins, Thai zucchini, an array of Thai chilies, bak choy, snow peas and much more.


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