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At L’Entrecote you will find top quality meat, a generous business menu, and a unique atmosphere. Our bar-restaurant serves kosher French cuisine based on the format of the classic and renowned French restaurant – Le Entrecote.

At L’Entrecote we serve good and satisfying food at a fair price, from an excellent and very varied menu, including a large selection of first courses, excellent main courses, and home-made desserts. As befitting a meat restaurant, and appropriate to our name, the restaurant's flagship dish is entrecote steak.
L’Entrecote is kosher under the supervision of the chief rabbinate of Tel Aviv.

Considerable time and thought were invested in the interior design of L’Entrecote, and the result certainly shows in the well thought-out and contemporary interior space. Although the cuisine is French, the design tends to New York. The spacious interior and courteous service gives the restaurant a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, complemented by the light music playing in the background, the eye-catching windows whose colors change with the light, the attractive reddish hues of the bar, and the evening lighting that gives the restaurant a romantic and serene atmosphere.


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