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The Eucalyptus, under the direction of Chef Moshe Basson, was founded 20 years ago and has since given birth to a range of complex foods and dishes.

Moshe Basson was knighted in Italy in honor of his contribution to resurrecting the biblical kitchen. In addition, both Moshe Basson and his son, Ronny Basson, have won the International couscous festival in San Vito Lo Capo, Italy for the state of Israel.

At the Eucalyptus you can enjoy an authentic biblical cuisine in an charming Jerusalem atmosphere, including the use of original herbs and wild plants that grow in the Judean Hills surrounding the city, like, the original za’atar (hyssop), Jerusalem sage and more.

The restaurant is located in an amazing historical structure, with a rooftop patio that looks over the Tower of David and the walls of the old city from one side and the serene Yemin Moshe neighborhood surrounded by greenery from the other side.

The restaurant is decorated in a unique and authentic style and serves high quality boutique wines. The Eucalyptus' guests receive a detailed explanation about the dishes’ ingredients and seminars are held about food and wine.

Private rooms are available for events. The restaurant’s chef is also available for culinary tours in the Judean Hills and the Mahne Yehuda market, combining a workshop and a meal.


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