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Dixie opened in December of 1993 as a “Manhattan style” Steak House. We were aiming for a well-established and stable institution with good food and no experimentation. Mahogany décor, wooden tables, an incredible bar, pleasant background and an intimate environment are all part of Dixie.

Over the years we learned that in addition to the classical dishes, our loyal clientele was willing to try new menu items. Therefore, we change menus three times a year. We also suggest an interesting range of wines, by glass or bottle, from leading Israeli wineries alongside ones from all over the world.

The bar menu includes a wide selection of beers, alcoholic drinks and a constantly renewed list of cocktails.

Dixie was the first restaurant in Israel to introduce the concept of 24/7. This concept brings to our door a wide variety of clients. We have four different menus, changing every few hours, to best meet the needs of our customers.

We believe in equal opportunities for every human being, as Israel is a diverse society. Our employees are people from a variety of nationalities and religions. Over the years, Dixie developed a multicultural community of employees. Some have worked at the restaurant for over ten years, started as apprentices and are now managers. We are proud to have an efficient team of workers with high service awareness.

In June 2006, we opened “Philadelphia”, a next-door take away restaurant.
The menu includes the well-known and loved Dixie items: Deviled Chicken Wings, Home Fries and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. Philadelphia enabled us to serve the needs of many of our customers by supplying: good food fast service.

In 2007, Dixie was chosen by a referendum, conducted by the most popular newspaper in Israel, as the preferred restaurant for business people for lunch. On the other side of the spectrum, a questioner conducted by a local Tel Aviv newspaper aimed at young people, rated Dixie as the third most popular restaurant in the city. In 2009 we were selected by "Time Out" magazine as the best restaurant for a night meal.

Proprietor: Haim Cohen
Chef: Dan Crettela
Restaurant Manager: Danni Bornstein
Maitre d': Ilan Somech


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