127 Moriya Boulevard, Haifa  - 04-8341170

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The sinta bar is a bistro restaurant located in Haifa for 8 years now.
The restaurant spread on two floors and a patio and characterized
with a pleasant and soothing atmosphere.
Our kitchen offers a classic bistro menu with local and modern dishes
suitable to the season. In addition, our bakery department offers special
desserts, soured breads and homemade foccia.

The Materials we use are the best- fresh fish, high standard sea food
and excellent meat. In addition to our diverse menu you can also find
special dishes that updates every day according to the chef's originality.

The sinta bar is the first restaurant in Haifa that sets a new agenda,
in material, perception and success.

The most important goal standing in front of us is to give our guests an
amazing experience with wonderful hosting, soft music, polite service
and grate dishes which will surprise your sense of taste.


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