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Join us on a spectacular walking tour through the Old City of Jerusalem. With maximum 15 participants you will visit and learn about the history and significance of the mayor sites. 4 hour tour for only $ 29.pp

With a private guide you will have a tour tailored to your wishes and an English speaking guide who will dedicate all of his/her time to make your tour perfect. This is by far the most enjoyable way to travel and get a thorough understanding of the places you want to visit. A half day tour with a private tour guide costs $225,-

Booqify is a network of independent professional tour guides. By booking a tour via you will be sure to be guided by a passionate, knowledgeable and officially licensed tour guide.

Most of us the Booqify guides live in Israel for many years and certainly understand the local culture but also know how to provide clients a pleasurable, entertaining and unforgettable experience according to their standards and needs. We know that these qualifications are especially attractive for foreigners from abroad and also for those living in Israel.

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