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Messa offers diners haute cuisine by Chef Aviv Moshe in a gorgeously designed setting that redefines the Tel-Aviv dining experience. Aviv defines the restaurant’s cuisine as “thrilling, far from simple, and with a subtext of Mother’s kitchen”. The menu is grounded on Provencal cookery techniques. Locally sourced materials are used extensively, there’s a strong emphasis on the quality of raw materials, plus games with different textures…so each dish is imbued with captivating complexity.

Alongside its creative menu Messa offers a professionally and thoughtfully stocked bar, plus “bar nibbles”. And the entire culinary experience is packaged in a restaurant planned and designed to become Tel-Aviv’s urban leader.

Alex Mitlis was responsible for the interior design, which seamlessly combines in one site different seating arrangements and an unusual concept of space that we think simply can’t be captured in words. So spend an hour or two at Messa and be thrilled by this flawless creation.

Parking lots nearby:
Millennium Tower parking - 21 Haarbaa St
Platinum Tower parking -17 Haarbaa St


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