6 Latin Patriarchate Road, Jerusalem  - 026275799

0.00145912 -0.00210285

Inside the Old City of the Holy Land Jerusalem, Just at the first left street after Jaffa Gate, close to the gate of the Latin Patriarchate, Tala Hummus & Falafel offers you fresh Hummus with traditional Middle Eastern spices on the top of it, along with the hot Falafel and delicious Arabic salad, Shakshuka, Labaneh, and fresh Juices.

With each stone at this restaurant telling you an ancient Historical story, you are most welcome to come and join us with our friendly atmosphere; we are opening daily from the early morning at 8:00 till 11:00 pm.


Though Israel is also known as the start up nation and leading in internet technology inventions, you might be surprised how long it can take to answer an email. Use your phone if its urgent or if you don't get any reply.



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