5 Shimon Ben Shatach Street, Jerusalem  - 02-6246261

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Gabriela is a beautiful high end dairy restaurant, and one of the few kosher gourmet dairy restaurants in Israel. You can be sure that your guests will enjoy the most delicious foods in a charming atmosphere in a historic building in the center of Jerusalem. The menu includes amazing pasta dishes, vegetable dishes and fish. The combinations are delicious, the presentation is outstanding and the service is noteworthy.

Gabriela has a private second floor.party room. The Gabriela party room is spacious and comfortable. The professional staff at the restaurant will help you design a menu and help make yours the perfect simcha.
The sister restaurant of kosher haute cuisine institution Gabriel is just about its big brother's opposite: where Gabriel focuses on meaty Parisian bistro fare, Gabriela casts its gaze across the Mediterranean toward Italy, serving up light, fresh Italian dairy dishes and fish - prepared with the same attention to detail and fresh ingredients that made Gabriel a hit.


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