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On the road between Afula Mount Tabor, near the entrance of a village surrounded Jenin stunning landscape rolls Restaurant Sahara. Disposal restaurant seats 240 and 300 square porch under a dome of blue sky.

Convenience of visitors parking available in abundance and wide dimensions combined with large stones, fountains, antique vases, antique olive tree about 1000 years tall palm trees that are an experience in itself even before entering the restaurant. Combining old and new style, are the pillars of "Sahara".

Bringing motifs from the past such as millstones used crunching wheat - are here handled the entrance. Perforate stones were used to tie the horse at the entrance to the house - lighting lampshades frames are used. Clay tablespoons coffee - are used as pictures wall, pumping well water with water fountains, ceiling light shades of the sky Promise ...

The appropriate wine for dinner, choose our wine directly Mmrtc built a unique construction, the bread will be submitted directly to the kitchenette table.

Renovation work in place for 8 years, selected stones collected from the nearby villages, Mbithm of wealthy families in order to restore an authentic construction 150 years ago.

Based on this concept was built restaurant "Sahara" under the leadership of Khaled Zoubi, utilizing a maximum of antiques, the main purpose to be a cornerstone in building a unique maximum exploitation of existing ancient stones abundance.

On the roof of the building can be viewed through the binoculars at the spectacular scenery and churches in Nazareth and Mount Tabor in the village of Jenin. Edge of the tower, 12 m high, it will be possible in future to business meetings and meals up to 10 guests in a private room with windows overlooking a panoramic view.


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