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Dinner only on Friday night
To reserve a table call 04-6921-963
Breakfast's are served in the small Award wining restaurant.

Bikta Be kadita ("Cabin in Kadita") is nestled in the Galilee mountains at an altitude of 780m,
on the southern slope of Kutar Mountain.
The 5 wood cabins are far away from the city bustle, immersed in clear mountain air.

We are located near Safed, Rosh Pina, the Jordan River, The Sea of Galillee. A short ride will get you to Nazareth, Karmiel and Acre.

From Kadita you can follow beautiful hiking trails, stroll in the old city of Safed, visit Nachal Amud Reservation or the sacred Har Miron, or take a horseback or jeep ride in the Galilee mountains. We will be glad to suggest more recreational activities for your time here.

Bikta Be Kadita offers also a unique culinary experience. Breakfast's are served in the small Award wining restaurant. We offer a great variety of locally made products, including: olive oil, wine, jams and locally grown fresh vegetables & Herbs. All cabins have a small kitchen, so you can buy products locally and cook you one meals… ofcourse there are many nearby restaurants and we will be glad to suggest some very pleasant dining spots.

The restaurant

The Bikta BeKadita Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant. It is considered by many gourmet guides like the GaultMillau Restaurant Guide and CondeNast Magazine as one of Israel's finest dining spots. The restaurant is open for dinner on Friday nights. - Please reserve your table in advance..

We offer a fixed menu, and dinner is served in a picturesque wood cabin. Dinner lasts for several hours, offering you a unique, slow paced and peaceful culinary experience.

Execrpt from the Condenast Magazine: "...Although I enjoyed my meals in Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Jerusalem, the most memorable restaurant of the trip was A Hut in Kadita, a rustic country inn atop a mountain in upper Galilee, about thirty-minute drive from Haifa. It is remotely perched about two miles up an unmarked dirt road, past lonely graves of miracle-working rabbis, with rocks on their headstones marking the visits of modern days pilgrims. With the electricity from their own generator, the comfortably plump and hirsute Mika and Doron Goldman, she of Moroccan descent and he of Austrian, brought to mind holdover sixties flower children straight out of Berkeley.
As much as climate permits, the Goldmans grow their owm herbs, fruits, and vegetables. While Mika bakes her yeasty rolls and fruity desserts, Doron hot-smokes meats over fragrant fruit woods. What they make is what diners get, and for our lunch the main course was lean, rosy smoked lamb shoulder.
Guests dinein the friendly kitchen, and scattered around are baskets of vegetables for the salads, drying branches of herbs and flowers, and jars of preserved whole fruits mellowing in the sunlit windows. Popular for dinner, A Hut in Kadita also has a few ramshackle rooms for those unable, or unwilling, to make their way back down the hill... [Mimi Sheraton, Condenast Magazine]"


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