Big green salad                                                                                

Different kinds of baby lettuce with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts

Calamari salad                                                                                

Marinated calamari rings on a bed of lettuce and vegetables

Spicy mussels salad                                                                          

Mussels with carrot stapes, onion and peppers on a bed of lettuce

in piquant sauce

Thai salad                                                                                        

Seafood and vegetables with bamboo shoots and piquant mushrooms

Spanish salad                                                                                   

Seafood cooked in wine on a bed of different kinds of crispy lettuce, olive, broccoli and mustard sauce

"Mermaid" salad                                                                                      

Pieces of Salomon service with lettuce and vegetables with extra cream cheese and red caviar

Caesar’s salad                                                                                  

Baby shrimps with fresh vegetables, served on salad leaves with croutons and Bulgarian cheese,
flavored with balsamic vinegar sauce

Hot seafood salad                                                                                      

Hot seafood mix with juicy tomatoes and chickpeas on bed of baby lettuce

Sea pleasures                                                                                              

Marinated seafood mix on a bed of lettuce and fresh vegetables with

slices of  Parmesan cheese


** All salads served with two sauces



Torte di Mara                                                                                  

Seafood crusted with tomato/cream sauce on a crumbly base

Crab torte                                                                                         

Crab meat with vegetables crusted with tomato/cream sauce

on a crumbly base

Seafood crepe                                                                                   

Crusted crepe filled with seafood in tomato/cream sauce

Crab blintzes in Japanese style                                                       

Blintzes filled with crab meat in Teriyaki sauce

Tartar Salomon                                                                                                                                 

Тhe cut fillet of Salomon with spices, served with toasts, red caviar and grenade  sauce

Mousse Salomon                                                                                        

The ground fillet of Salomon, moves with toasts, red caviar on young leaves of green salad



Lady in white                                                                                   

Crusted mussels in Béchamel sauce buy old history of France culinary

Red Hot                                                                                            

Fried mussels in spicy tomato sauce


Mussels in white wine and cream sauce


Mussels in lemon piquant sauce, with a pastry cream sauce

Mussels Mariniere                                                                            

Mussels in white wine with celery


Spicy fried mussels in sweet chili sauce with lemon zest, white wine and basil leaves

Under Cover                                                                                   

Baked large mussels with cheeses in two sauces

Scallop in wine                                                                                

Slightly fried scallop with bacon, garlic and white wine in cream sauce 

Saint Tropez                                                                                   

Combination of shrimps and scallop in tomato-anis sauce

Crusted scallop                                                                               

Delicate scallop in béchamel sauce crusted with cheese mix



Liquid Dreams                                                                                

Seafood mix in delicate cream sauce with Roquefort cheese

Sea delicacies in Thai curry                                                            

Spicy mix of seafood and vegetables with curry


Very spicy seafood mix in tomato sauce

Sweet Lemon                                                                                   

Fried lemon with seafood and fried vegetables in sweet chili sauce

Bavano Mexico                                                                               

Seafood mix with vegetables, sweet Connors and beer in Mexican sauce

French Kiss                                                                                    

Seafood mix in combination with delicate cream-garlic sauce


Seafood mix in cream-yogurt sauce

Bloody Mary                                                                                   

Seafood mix in drunken tomato sauce with Tabasco  

The scent of a lemon                                                                       

Seafood mix with fried lemon, garlic and spicy peppers in white wine sauce


Seafood mix with chopped tomatoes in piquant curry and yogurt sauce

Vienna Shrimps                                                                              

Seafood mix in deep-fried crumb coated

Tempura Straight                                                                           

Shrimps in Tempura dough


Tender shrimps in fried dough with black sesame

Drunken Shrimps                                                                           

Shrimps in beer dough

Say "Cheese"                                                                                  

Seafood mix in deep-fried crumb coated and baked with cheese

Fritto Misto di Mara                                                                       

Calamari, shrimps and fish fillet fried in Tempura dough


Seafood mix in cream sauce and baked with cheese 


Seafood mix, crab meat and fish fillet in garlic-tomato sauce


Dish from Catalonia, with different seafood and fish, tomato-based sauce and sprinkled with Bulgarian cheese on top

Made home                                                                                     

Seafood mix made in special combinations of olive oil, Ashkelon onion, juicy tomatoes and garlic, with wine and special spices




Calamari in pepper sauce                                                               

Juicy calamari rings with Portobello mushrooms in tender pepper sauce

Fried calamari                                                                                

Fried calamari in tender coating served with dipping cold sauces

Crunch – Crunch                                                                           

Heads of calamari fried in tender coating

Calamari with garlic and Parmesan Cheese                                  

Calamari with garlic and Parmesan Cheese in tomato sauce

Crusted calamari                                                                            

Calamari fried in cream and wine, crusted with cheese

Fisherman calamari                                                                        

Calamari rings and fish fillet straps fried in olive oil with cherry tomato, garlic and tomato sauce



Chinese-Style Fish                                                                           

Fillet fish slice fried in dough with sauce for choice

Fish and chips

Delicious and simple. According to the tradition of ancient Great Britain  

Baked St-Peter's Fish                                                                      

St-Peter's fish, baked with spices and lemon zest, offered on fried vegetables

Fried St-Peter's Fish                                                                       

St-Peter's fish in deep fried and offered on fried vegetables

Baked Denis Fish                                                                            

Denis fish baked with spices and lemon zest, offered on fried vegetables

and baked potatoes

Fried Denis Fish                                                                              

Denis fish in deep fried, offered on fried vegetables and baked potatoes

 Fish and Mussels                                                                            

Juicy mussels fried in delicate garlic sauce with spices in combination with fried fish fillet

Tuna Frutti di Mara                                                                       

Tuna steak, fried in cream, above seafood mix

Mushrooms fish                                                                              

Fillet red tuna fried in butter, service on Portobello mushrooms

with pepper sauce



Crab a-la Cream                                                                                     

Half crabs in white wine and cream sauce


A well-know Spanish dish: rice, chicken, home-made sausages

and seafood mix

Madame Pompadour                                                                      
Seafood mix in cream sauce and champagne with Salomon fish

and red caviar


Seafood mix with bacon in red wine sauce and cherry liquor

Chocolate Bomond                                                                         

Tumble of tastes! Combination of Swiss chocolate and shrimps

with cashews nuts and bacon

Malaysian Nights                                                                            

Seafood mix fried with juicy bacon and sweet pineapple in piquant sauce


Meat and seafood


Mix of meat, seafood, beans and potatoes crusted with cheese

under piquant sauce Rose

Royal House                                                                                    

Mix of meat and shrimps in piquant pepper sauce served on rice noodles

Stroganoff Shrimps                                                                        

Slices of entrecote and shrimps with mushrooms in cream sauce,

served on rise noodles

Entrecote in a Hunter's manner                                                     

Slices of entrecote in combination with shrimps and mushrooms in delicate pepper sauce served on rise noodles


Chopped meat with seafood mix and green beans in Japanese

Teriyaki sauce

Carpet Steak                                                                                   

Fine entrecote stuffed with juicy mussels, served on fried vegetables

Crazy Gringo                                                                                  

White spareeps served on baked potatoes with piquant barbeque sauce

Twin Pigs                                                                                        

Ribs stuffed with white meat and bacon, crusted with Parmesan cheese served on backed potatoes
and mushrooms with mustard cream sauce

Hot bird                                                                                    

Chicken breast stuffed smoked goose and French cheese Promez, served with Béchamel sauce and mushrooms    


Spaghetti with mussels                                                                    

Spaghetti with black mussels in tomato/ Rose/ cream-garlic sauce


Spaghetti with seafood, cherry tomatoes, white onion and basil boiled in cream-cheese sauce  

Thai noodles                                                                                   

Rice noodles/ egg noodles with fried vegetables, bamboo shoots and seafood mix in sauce for choice

Singapore noodles                                                                          

Seafood mix with rice noodles/ egg noodles with fried vegetables and chicken slices with sauce for choice 

Spaghetti Carbonara                                                                      

Combination of spaghetti, shrimps and bacon in the rich cream sauce

Spaghetti Marinera                                                                        

Spaghetti, seafood mix, and fish fillet in combination with vegetables and tomato garlic sauce

Asian Gringo                                                                                  

Cocktail seafood on cream-barbeque sauce served on rice noodles



Green Salad                                                                                    

Different kinds of baby lettuce, with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts

Chinese rice                                                                                     

Sour and sweet rice with vegetables

Thailand rice                                                                                   

Piquant rice with vegetables

White rice                                                                                        

White rise with pine nuts

French fries                                                                                     

Potatoes in deep-fried

Baked potatoes                                                                               

Baked potatoes in olive oil  


Bread made-home with garlic butter


Children's dishes


Spaghetti with chicken                                                                      

Spaghetti with chicken in tomato/ cream sauce


French fries with cheese                                                        

French fries crusted with cheese


The fried platter                                                                              

Chicken fillet and onion rings in deep-fried, served with fresh vegetables

on young leaves of salad


Fried chicken fillet                                                                

Chicken fillet in deep-fried, served with fresh vegetables on young leaves of salad


*** Children dishes served with cold sauces