3 Shimon Ben Shatach Street, Jerusalem  - 02-5370701

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Lara, the Jerusalem bistro, invites you to enjoy from homey and warm atmosphere with a menu that is all the tastes and smells of Jerusalem.
Along with the delicious meal, awaits you an authentic experience of a Jerusalem design with an ancient stone of Jerusalem, an open kitchen window which allows observing the chef's art and creating a personal communication, high ceilings and exquisite design, which includes Street lamps and illusory arches, what completes the atmosphere is a huge mural of a local painter, who continued the painting of the restaurant's extensive street with beauty and originality. Those who want to enjoy the fresh air of the evening in Jerusalem, has seating outside.
The restaurant was founded by well-known chef Lior Chaftzadi,
From "Arcadia", "Canela" and "RESTORENTE DE VITORIO" Italian, Michelin-starred.
Chaftzadi Presents Israeli culinary style combines influences from all over the world.
Lior is often invited to cook to Israeli Prime Minister and his ministers personal & business meals.
In the Menu you can find special dishes from high quality ingredients and surprising combinations that add the chef's interpretation for classic recipes such as risotto and handmade ravioli & smoked meat instead.
The open kitchen and chef's creativity will allow you to recognize flavors that you did not know.


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