36 Montefiore Street, Tel Aviv  - 03-5646100

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Located on the main floor, Hotel Montefiore’s restaurant serves brasserie cuisine under Vietnamese spell. The restaurant at Hotel Montefiore is the new addition to the city’s Dining life, Joining the owners’ “CoffeeBar”, “M&R Brasserie” and the “Bakery” - simply, few of the best eating places in Tel Aviv. The restaurant at Hotel Montefiore keeps the tradition of serving wonderful food in an impeccable atmosphere. Whether you’re in for a morning coffee and pastries, a three course lunch or dinner, or a late night drink by the bar, the well trained staff at the kitchen and the elegant service will make sure you wish you could stay with us a little longer.
For Restaurant reservation: +972 3 564 6100
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"A taste of any of the Vietnamese-tinged French cuisine elegant dishes
at the cool relaxing restaurant in Hotel Montefiore of Tel Aviv
is as near as one can go to the far-east without actually going that far"
D. B.


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