49 HaHaroshet Street, Karmiel  - 04-9905616

32.92494200 35.32161400

In the heart of Karmiel industrial area, in the heart of a green landscape and in the face of Misgav Mountains, there is a warm and pleasant Argentinean restaurant.
The restaurant designed as a country style restaurant, with wooden furniture which gives our customers warm and home like feeling, exactly like in Argentina, when in the background is playing South American together with Israeli music.
The restaurant is divided into two rooms especially suitable for events and can accommodate up to 200 people.
Don Alberto rich menu is suitable for each diner. The portions in the restaurant are rich and large, and some can get them all to the house or hotel by one telephone ordering and delivery.
The carnivores of you will enjoy the methods of "eat as much as you can" used in Argentina, where you can choose your steaks and skewers.
The Meats are roasted on a giant grill and they are the juiciest & high-quality meat you can find.
From our wonderful food enjoy also customers who come from afar to experience an authentic Argentinean experience.
From time to time, on Friday nights, Brazilian dancers sow are held.


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