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Vaqueiro is a concept restaurant -under the supervision of BADATZ MACHPUD-. It's what the Brazilians call "Churascaria" - an all you can eat grill. In this Israeli version, we have one of those wonderful "ingathering of exiles" fusion. Here is Stanley Lifshitz, a veteran South African oleh, as our host, serving a Brazilian meat grill, which is mostly South African inspired, with touches of Spain, U.S., U.K., France, and of course, Israel.

Okay - you are in for a real trip! Tighten your seatbelts, but as the dinner progresses you will be loosening them. Did I say this was all you can eat? The idea of a concept restaurant, besides the food, is that it is a show from start to finish. The staff are well trained for this performance, gaucho pants and all. To train, they "shadow" a staff member for four days. There is then a written test with 100 questions. There is even a moed bet (second chance) for those that don't pass first time around.

The well-trained staff serve all the food family style and will explain each dish. At any stage you may ask for seconds. Another strategy is to try all ten dishes and then ask for seconds of something you really like. Either way you won't leave hungry.


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