Israeli/ Arab Salad 38
a dialogue between the tomato, cucumber, parsley, onion, mint, olive oil and lemon
Eggplant Carpaccio 49
with tomato tartar green tahini sauce and pine nuts
Chicken livers on a bed of Caramelized Apples 58
with a red wine and cherry liqueur sauce
Choice sautéed mushrooms 64
in olive oil, lemon, thyme and white wine
Tartare of Sea Fish and Norwegian Salmon 69
combined with fruits, vegetables and coriander in a caviar sauce
A Carpaccio of Veal Fillet 69
, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, black pepper and Atlantic Sea Salt with a Green garnish
Red Mullet in a lemon 69
anise, and herb sauce served on cherry tomatoes and garlic confit
Foie gras terrine 118
served on a bed of tostones and fruit jam
Grilled Foie gras 128
in an orange and martini sauce
Chicken breast 79
in white wine sage, lemon and spinach leaf sauce, served with puree and beans
Boned chicken thigh Steak 89
In a sweet chili, coconut cream, mango and coriander sauce, served with roasted potatoes
Beef Tongue 125
in a Beef stock and mushroom sauce served with puree and beans
Sea Bass Fillet 119
in a lemon, anise, herb and white wine sauce served with puree and green beans
Bream fish in a lemon 125
anise stars, herbs and white wine sauce served with puree and green beans
Grilled 300 gram sirloin steak 135
chunks on a bed of roasted potatoes and arogola leaves in a red wine sauce
Grilled rib eye steak 139
in a red wine demit-glace, served with baked potatoes and glazed beans
Half duck 139
in orange sauce served with red cabbage marmalade and roasted chestnuts
Grilled Beef fillet 189
in red wine sauce, with baked potatoes and s asparagus
400 gram Lamb chops 189
garlic confit, with puree and asparagus
Three Layer Tornado Rossini 239
Goose liver pate, beef fillet steak, and foie gras, in a red wine sauce
Fresh Salmon file 109
Served with mushroom sauce, cherry tomatoes, herb sauce, white wine, puree and green beans
Lamb Ossobuco 179
Cooked in root vegetables, red wine sauce, port and lamb stock
Lamb sirloin 199
Served on a bed of garlic confit with pomegranate port sauce
500 gram's rib eye steak
"Chateaubriand" 349
500 g of veal filet steak
With pepper cream sauce and red wine sauce