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The unique atmosphere of Café Noir – an intimate bistro in the heart of Tel Aviv – combines European culture with a Tel Aviv experience at one of the city’s most charming corners. At Café Noir one feels the pulse of the city. The atmosphere changes with the time of day: mornings are slow and serene, lunch is always bustling, and evenings are romantic and sexy. The menu offers classic, familiar dishes (like the iconic schnitzel), lovingly prepared from top-notch ingredients, along with more modern specials of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Café Noir opened in 1997 when Rafi Bader, along with childhood friend Gideon Eliyahu, came together to establish a restaurant in the burgeoning centre of Tel Aviv. They aimed to create a place that would combine a European food tradition with the tastes and atmosphere desired by a Tel Aviv clientele. The menu, like the city’s tastes, has expanded since the restaurant’s early days. Café Noir has remained a second home to many Tel Aviv residents, as well as a landmark to visitors.

Rafi Bader: “I wanted a place of a certain period. I picture the places where my grandfather would have spent time in Italy or Paris – I actually imagined him sitting in those cafes having something to drink. Bohemian places have always spoken to me, places that bring people together.”

“That’s what my places are like: places that could have been here one hundred years ago and that will survive for another hundred years, as long as they are managed properly. Café Noir isn’t somewhere you grow bored of. It isn’t trendy, it’s not one of those spots that come and go. I don’t create places that I see myself loving now, but not ten years from now.”

Opening Hours
Sunday to Wednesday 12:00-00:00
Thursday 12:00-00:00
Friday 08:00-00:00
Saturday 09:00-00:00


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