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Group information of Cigar Bar & Lounge Inca Bar

Events at the Inca

The Inca Cigar Bar and Lounge is the perfect place to hold business meetings and events of all kind. The irresistible mix of a trendy lounge ambience, subdued luxury and its discreet location has attracted people from all over the world. The Inca has had the opportunity to organize a cocktail party in honor of US Secretary of Defense Mr. Robert Gaits as well as a photo shoot for the Swiss company "Elini" with the Israeli supermodel Shiraz Tal. The bar also had the honor to host Madonna, Sting and his crew, the former mayor of New York Mr. Rudolf (Rudi) Giuliani, the movie star Rade Serbejica and many more.

The Inca Bar offers package deals which include lectures on a wide range of topics such as cocktails, wine and cigar tasting, and it gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the adventure of working behind our bar.

  • Groups up to 120 people

Business / Meetings
For those who do not have access to a wireless computer, a laptop is available for lease.


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